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News as of November 8, 2005 The Interhack Digital Library Project was an effort to understand how to present significant amounts of text online, at a time when most people were connected to the network with modems and there was very little understanding about how electronic texts could be made useful. The core issues are pretty well understood now, and people with specific expertise in user interface design are dealing with them.

I have received a fair bit of email from people over the years, so clearly some others have found these texts useful. I'll soon move all of these texts, complete with a brand new presentation, to a new home on my personal Web site shortly. This will allow for more sophisticated search capability, better presentation of much of the material, and so on. I'll set redirection properly so that bookmarks, Web robots, and other things will find them at their new home.

—Matt Curtin

welcome to the interhack digital library. the digital library project is a straightforward one: find interesting and/or useful etexts in the public domain, whose copyrights have expired, or whose usage rights can be secured and put them on the web.

we're interested in helping with the availability of the materials we have here, which are probably available in collections elsewhere.

perhaps more importantly, though, we're hoping to spend some energy exploring interfaces to the data. specifically, we're looking at a client/server interface whereby all of the searching and user-interfacing takes place on the client, and the server will act as more of a data repository, and perhaps help the client handle more exhaustive queries.

as we come across and convert more texts, we'll park them here. if you have comments or questions, we're interested in hearing from you.

please be advised that this section is quite experimental. we might move things around, change interfaces, etc., without warning. if you're interested in bookmarking any of our resources please bookmark this page, until the resources here become more stabilized.

books available

Vine's Expository Dictionary.
A hypertext version of Vine's Expository Dictionary of New Testament Words by W.E. Vine M.A. The dictionary is indexed and cross-referenced.
Easton's Bible Dictionary
Hypertext, indexed, and cross-referenced.
Wars of the Jews
A hypertext version of this work, also known as The History of the Destruction of Jerusalem, by Flavius Josephus. Indexed.
Antiquities of the Jews
Another of the works of Flavius Josephus

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Matt Curtin
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