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Pure Lisp Include File

If you do not plan to use any C++ stream I/0 operators or C++ stream type arguments in any given C++ file then you can use

     #include <LppPure.hh>

instead if Lpp.hh.

This will result in slightly faster compiles and slightly smaller binaries. LppPure.hh is the Pure Lisp include file and Lpp.hh includes it. LppPure.hh does not include any files, it is totally self contained. If in a given compilation unit you are using no I/O or are only using Lisp style I/O such as read, print, prin1, ... etc. then LppPure.hh is sufficient. The Lpp library itself for example uses LppPure.hh in most of its compilation units.

In this document whenever we talk about setting up optional compilation parameters before including the Lpp.hh file this also applies to wherever you are only including LppPure.hh.

If none of this matters to you, you can just use Lpp.hh all the time, it is always perfectly safe.