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Redefining Predefined Names

Lpp defines a few identifiers that are only one or two letters for ease of typing since they are so frequently used in Lpp programs. By using capital letters as the first or second letter of these identifiers it is unlikely that there will be identifier clashes, but in the event that there are clashes Lpp allows all of these to be easily redefined. It is not recommended to redefine these if there are no clashes but nothing will hurt except non-consistency between Lpp programs.

The following are reserved identifiers that can be redefined per compilation unit:

     True Nil O S L cL iL pL sL EM

Assuming that XX is the user's preferred redefinition, each can be renamed by putting one set of the following definitions in the compilation stream before Lpp.hh is included:

     // Renames True
     #define LPP_True_NODEFINE 1
     #define XX Lpp_True
     // Renames Nil
     #define LPP_Nil_NODEFINE 1
     #define XX Lpp_Nil
     // Renames O
     #define LPP_O_NODEFINE 1
     #define XX Lpp_O
     // Renames S
     #define LPP_S_NODEFINE 1
     #define XX Lpp_S
     // Renames L
     #define LPP_L_NODEFINE 1
     #define XX Lpp_L
     // Renames cL
     #define LPP_cL_NODEFINE 1
     #define XX Lpp_cL
     // Renames iL
     #define LPP_iL_NODEFINE 1
     #define XX Lpp_iL
     // Renames pL
     #define LPP_pL_NODEFINE 1
     #define XX Lpp_pL
     // Renames sL
     #define LPP_sL_NODEFINE 1
     #define XX Lpp_sL
     // Renames EM
     #define LPP_EM_NODEFINE 1
     #define XX Lpp_EM