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The Print Name

A useful property of symbols is that they print the way they read. In most program code the name of a symbol, called the print name, is rarely needed, usually only the let type object is used as the identity of the Symbol object. When the name of the symbol is needed, such as for printing purposes or text manipulation the following function is used.

symbolName symbol Function

symbolName is given an Lpp Symbol object symbol and the print name is returned as an Lpp String, See Strings. For example:

     let sym = S(red);
     length(symbolName(sym)) => 3

symbolName does not generate any new Lpp objects since the string object of a symbol is only generated once and used over and over again. It is for this reason that even thought the name string object of a symbol is accessible that string should not be modified from its original since it would render that symbol unusable.