rotatelog: a program for log file management

Welcome to the web site for Interhack's rotatelog, formerly known as logrotate. We've changed the name to avoid confusion with another program. (We think our program is cooler, though.)

This is a program to rotate log files. It can rotate any file listed in its configuration file. The file does not necessarily need to be log file. This program imitates the logrotate and newsyslog programs found on Linux and FreeBSD respectively. I wrote this to make life easier in Solaris.

It was originally developed for Solaris, but it should be trivial to make the software work on other platforms where Perl can be found.


Available in HTML and PostScript.

Terms and Conditions for Use

This is free software. See its license for details and conditions for use. It's a straightforward license that basically means "you can do whatever you want with this, but you need to include our copyright notice if you distribute anything that includes our stuff."


You can download the Perl source code and the documentation in one big tarball.

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Shaun Rowland
Last modified: Mon May 28 08:11:15 EDT 2001