The Interhack Mirror of VM

VM is a Lisp-based mail reading interface that runs under
GNU Emacs and XEmacs.  VM supports multiple folder formats,
understands MIME and allows you to retrieve message from
mail servers using either POP or IMAP.  VM's official home
on the net is the website
Please visit that site for the latest documentation about VM
and to retrieve the latest version of the software.

Here is a description of the files in this directory.

    The latest version of VM.

    Version 7.19 of VM.

    Version 7.19 of VM bundled as an XEmacs-style package.

    A precompiled file for XEmacs users who don't want to build
    VM or can't for some reason.  Load this and you're ready to
    go.  FOr XEmacs 21 and beyond you're better of installing the
    XEmacs package, which includes the documentation and art.

    An Emacs 19 compatible precompiled file.

    An Emacs 20 and beyond compatible precompiled file.

    The tortuous revision trail of VM.

    Directory of patches to upgrade from one VM version to the next.

    The Texinfo source for VM's user manual. 
    The Info file produced by processing vm.texinfo.  Suitable
    for installation in the info dir of your Emacs installation.

    Smaller (33x33) XEmacs toolbar buttons for those who don't
    like VM's normal set of big friendly buttons.

    A somewhat different set of smaller (33x33) XEmacs toolbar
    buttons.  These buttons look more like the normal VM toolbar
    buttons that the other "small" set , but eat a lot of colors.
    A 16-bit deep display or better is recommended.

    Sample window configuration files for use with VM.

    Sources for RSA's MD5 program, which generates file checksums
    that VM uses for APOP style POP user authentication and to
    generate unique message IDs in some cases.  Recent versions
    of Emacs and XEmacs have builtin MD5 support, so installation
    is probably unnecessary for recent Emacs versions.

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